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Why Select BHE-Bill?

BHE-Bill's features have been designed by webmasters with years of experience. You do what you do best - produce content. We take care of the rest.
We customize Membership Plans to generate the best revenue, so we can offer the best price for your content! We offer:
Trial Memberships
Trial Membership can convert to any other plan the member selects
Rebilling Memberships
Fixed Term Memberships
Membership Plans that provide access to multiple sites
Easy set-up of guest accounts (expiring and non-expiring)
Shopping Cart/Catalog/Download Sales
Comprehensive accounting and site management reports
Total automation of adding and removing members
Simple, fast setup
Easily manage one or multiple web sites
Ability to assign additional webmasters to sites
Reliable and responsive server and network architecture
Verification of customer charge averages less than 15 seconds
Our Customer Support saves time and effort! Customers can:
Cancel Memberships
Make Lost Username and Password Inquiries
Resolve Payment Issues

Contact us now to get started!

Send an e-mail to support@bhebill.com

Or call us at 800-298-7054 from the US or Canada,
+1-770-682-3999 from other locations.